Medical Captives and Self-Insurance Programs

While many employers continue to be fully-insured by the escalating costs of providing healthcare coverage, state-mandated benefits and state laws are making it more difficult for employers, and the trend continues to be for mid-sized and large employers to move or consider alternative or self-funding their health plan.

Alera Group is highly experienced in working with employers who are seeking an alternative solution to the fully insured market, double-digit increases, and constantly changing benefit provisions.  We have successfully worked with employers on adopting a number of alternative strategies including;

  • Partial Self-Funding with HRA or HSA programs
  • Level-Funding Program
  • Self-Funded program
  • Medical Captives

Medical Captives – a prescription for success now and tomorrow

A group medical captive can be an excellent way for employers who are already self-funding their health plan or those just dipping their toes into the water.  The benefits of participating in a group health captive include:

  • Control over your plan’s benefits design
  • Avoidance of unanticipated rate increases, future predictive analysis included
  • Transparency with costs, health and utilization data
  • No back-and-forth plan negotiation
  • Pooling of claims to reduce volatility and improve cash flow
  • Retention of underwriting profit and investment income and claims savings.


Alera Group of Sacramento has years of experience with captives and a proven record of success.  We evaluated a number of captive management firms before selecting Roundstone Insurance as our preferred captive partner.  Their reputation as a leader in captive management is above reproach and provides transparency not offered with other firms. They have a history of success in the marketplace and their most recent distribution of profits to captive participants is a testament to their experience in delivering results.

Contact us to learn more about whether a self-funded solution or group health captives would benefit you and your employees and a free assessment.  You can also download our Medical Captive Whitepaper