Who helps your employees when they have problems with their health insurance?

We work with your company to streamline your increasing administrative workload, helping employees better understand, appreciate and use their benefits. By simplifying the enrollment and communication process with your employees, you are able to spend more time on other key factors affecting your business.

We assist your human resource staff and/or your employees directly with claims or coverage questions. These issues range from making sure that deductibles are calculated correctly to calling pharmacies when there are problems with coverage for prescriptions.

We help employees understand their health benefits!

We create a customized communication plan for your valued employees.

Our team works with each client to provide a professionally designed communication program for their employees so that they can make smarter, well-informed, healthier choices. These materials come with complete benefit explanations, information about open enrollment, benefit choices and details about the additional benefits the employer is providing to their employees to help them manage their holistic health and well-being.  Our communication program also helps provide valuable information to new employees as they join your organization.

We believe that a healthy employee is a productive employee, and an investment in a well-designed and executed communication strategy will result in a smarter healthcare consumer. We provide a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services that are customized to each client’s guidelines to support the communication strategy.

Here are a few of our services that we cater to your employees:

  • Bi-Monthly Employee Education Newsletters which focus on various health and wellness topics (i.e. Flu Season, Financial Wellness, Preventive Care)
  • Bi-Weekly Health, Wellness, and Legistative SHRM/HRCI accredited webinars. Visit our event page to see upcoming and previous webinar recordings.
  • Professional development opportunities throughout the year 

Contact our Producers or Marketing department for more information about how we can help develop your employees’ benefit education.