Streamline processes and get the valuable information you need

Our HR Administration & Benefit Technology team helps you utilize technology to streamline human resources and benefits processes.

Hiring, onboarding and tracking your employees efficiently is crucial to achieve your business goals and objectives. As a human resources professional, you have the key responsibility of overseeing many aspects of the administration of your people and business. At PWA Insurance Services, we combine innovative technology with the skills of our expert team members to reduce the growing administrative burden faced by many businesses.

Our Plan of Action

We focus on finding you the tools and technology to help you manage all aspects of the HR experience — such as timekeeping, benefits administration and payroll processing— to position you for success and growth.

It is critical that organizations choose and implement the right technology and procedures to meet their growing needs. We deliver relevant information on technology, payroll benefits administration, talent management, timekeeping, and HRIS so employers can stay informed and make the best decisions for their organizations.

HR Administration & Benefit Technology Advantages:

  •        Increase employee productivity and retention
  •        Remain current on compliance requirements
  •        Automate processes to free up staff
  •        Access to ongoing training and management solutions
  •        Save on administrative costs

Do More with AleraHR

Save time, add resources, reduce risk and expand your capabilities to offer more training and onboarding learning courses to your employees. This top-of-the-line program helps monitor and guide you on the latest news and analysis HR professionals need to stay current with changing regulations, a comprehensive resource center with all the forms, checklists, and tools needed to maintain compliance, and certified HR experts to answer your questions, render advice and follow up with research to resolve issues. 

AleraHR is provided to clients at no additional costs. This platform alone can save you thousands of dollars with free services such as creating employee handbooks, sexual harassment training*, and unlimited consultations with certified HR experts dedicated to help answer your questions.

AleraHR Resources available to you:


*2 Hour- Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisor positions is free. Employee courses are available at a cost. Please contact your Alera Group account representative for questions or for prices.